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Lubrilog Gearfluid 550


Multis Complexe XHV2 Moly

GEAR FLUID 550 is a new half synthetic oil developed for the lubrication of very high powered and low speed gear drive. Its high viscosity at all temperatures boosted with exclusive additives based on bismuth gives it an incredible extreme pressure performance with functional lubricant film from -25°C to + 120°C.

GEAR FLUID 550 is free from solvents, bitumen, chlorine, heavy metals or solid particles and is classified under ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02, Annex D2.

Typical Application

GEAR FLUID 550 is especially indicated for large open gear running with peripheral speed until 10m/s and power which could exceed 2x5000 kW. Is applied on mills and kilns with rotary drum in the raw material industry such as cement, mining and chemical.

Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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