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Control and manage all your energy consumption
OPTIMIZER- an innovative solution developed by TOTAL, allowing site managers to monitor all their energy consumption (fuels, lubricants, electricity, solar etc) thanks to a simple and personalized dashboard.
Optimizer’s unique technology is able to aggregate and reconcile all of the different sources of data linked to operations available on the mine site, whether it comes from a Fuel Management system, OEMs on board-computers, ERPs, Scada system, GPS/ ID sensors, etc.  
Using that information, Optimizer is able to generate the most relevant KPI’s on a daily basis, which will allow key users on the mine site to quickly detect any abnormal event that could impact the mine’s operations, and use these alerts to implement corrective actions which would generate energy savings.
This solution has already proven its efficiency and provides a very fast return on investment.





Optimizer uses all sources of data to generate relevant KPIs




How OPTIMIZER help your mine site:

Peace of mind management
  • Dashboard and decision support
  • Multi-energy solution
  • KPI’s for any users
  • Real time data
Cost control energy
  • Optimize operating costs
  • Efficient energy management
  • Reduce fuel loss
Safety Program
  • Improve driving behavior
  • Monitor vehicle cycle
  • SMS alerts
Environmental impact control
  • Promote eco-driving
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Manage CO2, emissions
  • Reduce environmental impact
Lubrication Management
  • Predictive analysis
  • Breakdown prevention
  • Improve engine lifetime






What our customers say about OPTIMIZER:

“We have reduced the fuel consumption of our main contractor by 18% in just 5 months thanks to OPTIMIZER” – General Manager“What I love about this platform is that I can drill down to specific models or time periods to understand consumption variations” – Supply Department“Thanks to OPTIMIZER’s team, I have saved 2 days of work on a fraud investigation” – Security Management“This platform associated with OPTIMIZER’s sensors really allow me to monitor the activity of my contractors” – Mining Operations