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Depending on your needs, Total has a range of cascading servicing and support structures to assist you where fuel and lubricants are used. From the refinery to the mine site, TOTAL is with you every step of the way.




1 - Fluid analysis for predictive and proactive maintenance

The TOTAL ANAC diagnosis interprets the condition of your used oil and offers a unique preventive and corrective maintenance service. It allows you to improve your equipment management by reducing your operating costs and optimizes the maintenance of your mining machines.Read more


2 - Solar energy, a reliable energy solution for your mine

Total provides a full range of innovative, competitive and sustainable solar solutions through its SunPower division.Read more


3 - Fuel management systems

Total Fuel Management Systems help you improve your stock management and reduces your logistics costs. It can also include monitoring of your fuel and oil consumption and helps prevent fraud. A fully automated system enables optimized cost allocations which contributes to making things easier for the end users.


4 - Filtration solutions to protect your machines

Whatever the quality of the products delivered from the refinery, or lubricant blending plant the risk of contamination and ingress of dirt and water remains present at each step of the supply chain.
Total Mining Solutions provides effective filtration solutions aimed at closely controlling the product cleanliness and minimising its particle content. In compliance with equipment manufacturers specifications, Total filtration solutions reduces your maintenance and downtime.


5 - Mobile depot for more storage flexibility

Increase your storage and distribution flexibility thanks to Total mobile self-bunded tanks positioned in remote or difficult to access locations.


6 - On-site refueling

Our dedicated service trucks can supply your mining vehicles on site for direct refueling. With this option you are ensured of the right quantity and quality of fuel  being dispensed into your authorized equipment.


7 - Waste oil management

When it comes to waste or used oil Total has a “3R” policy:

  • Reducing usage - products and processes designed to ensure the least possible amount of used,
  • Re-using products for similar purposes, and
  • Recycling.

Total has developed several solutions to reducing, re-cycle or re-use waste oil generated at your site, all in compliance with local rules and regulations.


8 - Training programmes on fuel, lube and safety

Total's various training programmes are aimed at helping your team get a better understanding of fuel and lubricants and applying this knowlegde to improving fuel and lubrication practices at a mine site.Find out more about Total trainings for the mining industry


9 - Maintenance software to simplify the management of your operations

Total TIG XP5 Maintenance Software reduces the complexity of maintenance management to increase productivity and savings.Read more


10 - Optimizer

OPTIMIZER is an energy monitoring solution developed by TOTAL, to help mining company to manage all their sources of energy consumption.Read more

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