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TRANSTEC 5 (80W90)

TRANSTEC 5 (80W90)

Multis Complexe XHV2 Moly

TOTAL TRANSTEC 5 80W-90 is an extreme pressure transmission lubricant for mechanical gearboxes and hypoid axles of a variety of vehicles.

International classifications


TOTAL TRANSTEC 5 80W-90 is particularly suited to the most rigorous service conditions found in automotive mechanical transmission (light and heavy vehicles), agricultural machinery, civil engineering and handling equipment where a API GL-5 oils are specified. 


  • Extra protection- fortified by superior extreme-pressure, anti-wear, anti-scuffing properties and antifoaming quality to maintain a high level of efficiency in gears operating under heavy loads and subjected to repeated shocks.  
  • Reliable performance- guaranteed by high resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation even in high working temperature.
  • Longer transmission life- enhanced by anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties to protect steel and copper when in contact with water.
  • Smooth Shifting- optimized by balanced load carrying capability and friction characteristics in synchronizing mechanisms
  • Seal compatible- Neutral with regard to seals, even at high temperatures.


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