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Remote Greasing

SINGLE-POINT AUTOMATIC LUBRICATOR READY TO USE 10 bar - 4 lubrication programs remote up to 2 metres



The ideal lubricating tool

Based on the principle of the piston pump, the GREASYMAT® is the ideal tool for reliable lubrication. Its ejection pressure of 10 bar allows single-point use and remote installation of the system by up to 2 metres. Remote installation and control make it easy to lubricate dangerous or hard-to-reach points. Lubricating personnel can therefore work safely.


Refillable and autonomous

The only consumables needed to operate the system are lubricant refills and battery packs. Its 240 cc capacity allows a variety of applications in all types of industrial sectors.


Applications of GREASYMAT®

GREASYMAT® is adapted to all industrial sectors. Its ATEX 077 certification also allows it to be used on chemical or petrochemical sites.

GREASYMAT is particularly effective when lubricating points requiring limited but frequent lubrication, such as electric motors, fans, pumps, conveyor bearings, etc.

In addition to optimum lubrication and maintaining a constant volume of grease, it provides a perfect seal for bearings when they are subjected to external contamination in industries such as: iron and steel manufacture, cement production and quarrying, paper and cardboard mills, maritime transport and ports, etc.

GREASYMAT® is a dosing pump. The precision of the quantities ejected allows reliable use in the food and pharmaceutical industries but also in all industries where pollution of the environment by lubricants can pose problems (automobile industry etc.).


Advantages of using GREASYMAT®



A simple adapter screwed onto the lubrication point determines the lubrication program. GREASYMAT® is supplied with 4 different-coloured adapters for lubrication intervals of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The chosen adapter is fixed permanently to the lubrication point, thus preventing any risk of error when changing the refill. It only takes a few seconds to refill a GREASYMAT® system. There is no need to stop the machine to refill the system if the unit is installed remotely. Infinitely refillable, GREASYMAT® offers an ecological alternative to most autonomous lubricators.



Based on the principle of a piston pump, grease ejected by GREASYMAT® is not affected by oil/soap separation (bleeding). A further advantage of the system is that it allows constant doses of the product to be released over time. This offers the benefit of maintaining a continuous level of lubrication to equipment. The functionality of the GREASYMAT® can be tested at any time simply by unscrewing the device by one turn from its adapter and tightening it back up.



GREASYMAT® can be used at temperatures as low as -10°C. Variations in flow rate according to temperature are therefore no longer a problem, as is the case with classic lubricators using gas or spring pressure.

Download our brochure

Download our brochure