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Maintenance software

Increase your productivity with our advanced maintenance program.



Simplify the management of your maintenance operations

Organizing maintenance and lubrication is a highly complex task. It requires the evaluation of multiple parameters such as processing steps, equipments, tools, lubricants, maintenance operation intervals, manpower and more.

TIG XP 5 software for maintenance management is designed from the expertise of our engineers who deal on a daily basis with every aspect of maintenance operations.

  • The TIG XP 5 software is available in three versions: General Maintenance, Food Processing and Metalworking (coming soon for Mining).
  • If required the software is available in 13 different languages.

Advantages of using TIG XP 5 maintenance software

  • Reduce the complexity of maintenance management to increase productivity and savings
  • Use only one software to monitor each maintenance parameter, including oil analysis
  • Support your quality and safety processes with the integrated management of documentation and the critical control points
  • Start quickly and easily with our tailor-made implementation training and support courses


4 good reasons for choosing TIG XP 5

Easy to use
TIG XP 5 uses the standard Windows® interface and provides immediately understandable indications for any user, even without any specific computer knowledge.

TIG XP 5 provides all the functions vital for optimal maintenance management. With just one tool, you can manage all the parameters that impact on production and maintenance costs.

TIG XP 5 has been developed by TOTAL lubricants for over 20 years. So you can trust its durability and benefit from the software’s evolution and advances.

Technical Support
In order for the users to operate TIG XP 5 to the best of its capacities, TOTAL lubricants provides specific training and technical assistance by lubrication specialists.

For further information please refer to brochure or contact us.