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Extraction Diluents


Hgh purity diluents for solvent extraction

Total offers ELIXORE, a range of high purity diluents to optimize extraction efficiency and cost.

Where to use metal extraction diluents?

After the metal ores have been pre-treated and crushed, they can be refined to a high level of purity and concentration by hydrometallurgy, a process which uses Special Fluids’ ELIXORE metal extraction diluents.


Why choosing Hydrometallurgy?

The unique advantages of hydrometallurgy is its wide ranging capabilities, efficiency, cost effectiveness, no toxic fumes and low energy consumption.
Hydrometallurgy is a selective separation procedure for isolating and concentrating valuables metals from an aqueous solution with the aid of an organic solution.
In the organic solution, 5-10% is extractant, 80-90% is diluents, and 5-10% is additives.
Our ELIXORE Special Fluids products are used as diluents in the hydrometallurgical process.

The ELIXORE range  is well proven among metal mining customers in Australia, Myanmar, China, South Africa and USA.


The advantages of TOTAL ELIXORE Diluents 

- Optimize Extraction Efficiency and Cost.

  • Stable solvent against oxidation
  • Good solubility with extractant
  • Longer recycling service life than high aromatic solvents
  • Very low aromatics → minimizes interference of extraction efficiency caused by aromatic degradation
  • High flash point reduces evaporation loss and improves fire safety
  • Biodegradable
  • Low solubility in the aqueous phase compared to aromatic diluents
  • Suitable solvent for metal extraction (copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc and gold)


Contact Total experts to optimize the extraction efficiency and cost.


TOTAL special fluids production site

Oudalle is the TOTAL Group’s special fluids production site in Europe.


The plant is in Seine-Maritime (76), near Le Havre, in France.

  • The Oudalle plant produces a wide range of high value-added hydrocarbon products implementing state-of-the-art technologies; we have been in this business for 30 years.
  • TOTAL Special Fluids has had a formal quality procedure since 1990 and the plant obtained ISO 9001 version 2000 certification in 2003.
  • TOTAL Special Fluids began implementing a Safety Management System (SIES, MP 170) in January 1999.
  • TOTAL Special Fluids implements an environmental management policy and the policy led to ISO 14001 certification obtained since 1997.