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Transmission Oil

Transmission oil for mining equipment

Total has been supplying quality transmission fluids to the mining, construction, transport and automotive industries for almost a century.

Transmission Oil

Total provides a range of powershift transmission mining fluids that meets and exceeds OEM requirements including Caterpillar TO-4 and Komatsu KES 07-868-1. These mining transmissions oils are of the highest lubricant performance required for the demanding requirements of modern heavy duty mining equipment. In certain applications they can also be utilised in hydraulic systems and axles as well as mechanical drive system equipped with specific brake friction discs.

Transmission Oil

Total’s transmission lubricant range is supported by advanced base oil and additive technology, and together with stable viscosity profile ensures the maximum lubricant performance, including outstanding oxidation and thermal stability . This results in lower deposits and lower harmful acidic by-product formation during use. Collectively, this superior lubricant technology allows for oil drain intervals to be optimised.

Advanced anti-wear technology provides improved protection of components under severe working conditions whilst at the same time delivering maximum efficiency of transmitted power for improved fuel economy.


  • RUBIA WORKS 2000 10W-40

    DYNATRANS FD-1 SAE 50/ 60

    Transmission fluid for axles and final drives of Earth Moving and Mining machines

  • RUBIA WORKS 1000 15W-40

    TRANSTEC 5 (80W90)

    TOTAL TRANSTEC 5 80W-90 is an extreme pressure transmission lubricant for mechanical gearboxes and hypoid axles of a variety of vehicles.

  • RUBIA WORKS 1000 15W-40

    TRANSTEC 5 (85W90)

    TRANSTEC 5 is synthetic based oil designed for the lubrication of all gear boxes and axles requiring an API GL-5 level

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