Equivis HE (32/46/68)|Total Mining Solutions

Equivis HE (32/46/68)

RUBIA WORKS 2000 10W-40

Hydraulic systems operating under high temperature and pressure conditions.
Hydraulic systems operating outdoors.

International Classifications

DIN 51524-3 HVLP – ISO 11158 HV – Oil

Manufacturer specifications


EQUIVIS HE has been designed to optimize the hydraulic systems performances and reliability compared to conventional HM or HV hydraulic fluids:
High and very shear stable viscosity index which provide a high lubricating film thickness, ensuring a better wear protection during all the fluid service life and improving the material efficiency. 
Reinforced anti-foam properties and very good air release behavior limiting the air content of the fluid, maintaining a very low fluid compressibility and reducing cavitation issues.
Very good rust and corrosion protections.
High thermal and hydrolytic stabilities to ensure an optimum material protec5tion in critical working conditions and limit deposits formation.
Very high oxidation stability for a longer service life, limiting the drain frequency and related maintenance costs.


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