Engine Oils

Engine oil for mining equipment

Total Mining Solutions has been delivering quality engine oils to the mining, construction, transport and industrial industries for many decades.

Mining Engine Oil

Whether you are using high or low sulphur fuels, our engine oils for mining equipment meets and exceeds OEM engine oil specifications as stipulated by the likes of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitcahi, Liebherr, Sandvik and Atlas Copco just to name a few.



  • RUBIA WORKS 2000 10W-40

    RUBIA WORKS 1000 15W-40

    Very high performance multigrade lubricant dedicated to aspirated and turbocharged engines of Earth Moving or Construction machinery from worldwide origins conforming to TIER 1, TIER 2 or TIER 3 standards.

  • RUBIA WORKS 1000 15W-40

    RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40

    A premium engine oil of a new generation, which meets the latest API CK-4 level. The product is especially formulated to optimize performance in the most recent engines of mining machinery of the world’s leading manufacturers.


Mining Engine Oil

This is achieved through unique blending of superior additives that enhance the quality of the base oil, leading to increased service intervals. Engine oil life of up to 1000 hours and beyond can easily be reached when used in conjunction with condition monitoring techniques such as Total ANAC oil analysis program.



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