Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oil for mining equipment

Total has been supplying quality hydraulic oil to the mining, construction, transport and industrial industries for almost a century.

Hydraulic Oil

We help you choose the hydraulic fluids most adapted to your needs

Total experts will help you to choose among a wide scope of mining hydraulic fluids ranging from conventional hydraulic oils, to bio-degradable hydraulic oils, and strategically designed excavator hydraulic oils.

For example Total Equivis HE is a soundly formulated excavator hydraulic fluid designed to cope with the harshest of mining conditions.

Hydraulic lubricants that increase your profit

Our technologically advanced mining hydraulic oil contributes to reducing your Total Cost of Operations through:

  • reduced waste oil disposal costs
  • miximized mining fleet uptime
  • lower fuel consumption
  • reduced oil drains

How does it work?

The high viscosity index lubricant ensures minimal fluid leakage at the oil pump interface. This results in optimum hydraulic power of the system under load conditions, lower fuel consumption and reduced system operating temperature.
The superior additives and properties of the base oil lead to increased oxidation stability of the lubricant, the upshot of which allows for increased oil drain intervals, and potential reduction of sludge and varnish build up within the system. Reduced oil drains result in reduced waste oil disposal costs. The superior qualities of this hydraulic lubricant all contribute to reducing Total Cost of Operation to the mining operation.

Find out how we help mining companies reduce their costs through a clever lubrication optimization.


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