Greases for mining equipment

Total has been delivering a wide operating range of grease lubricants to the mining and industrial sectors for many decades.


A wide grease product range

Our mining experts will help you choose from our wide range of grease products that includes:

  • General purpose mining grease
  • High performance Synthetic grease
  • Heavy duty equipment grease
  • Extreme pressure grease containing up to 5% of MoS2 (Moly grease)
  • Open Gear and ball mill greases


This grease range includes mining greases able to perform in ambient temperatures of below -40ºC and and in excess of +50ºC. This is made possible by special formulation of additives and base oil with improved pumpability.

Total  remote lubricating tool

Grease lubrication in hard-to-reach places is made easy with Total’s GREASYMAT system, an automatic single-point lubricator, designed with adjustable lubrication frequency periods of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.


Easy refillable change out cartridges are also available with this system.

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