Fuels for Mining

Total supplies a range of high-quality fuels to its mining customers across the globe. From the refinery to the mine site, Total has the complete supply chain covered.

Fuel for Mining

Total mining diesel fuels comply with OEM and legislative requirements and includes low sulphur diesel fuels  (10 ppm &50 ppm) as well as  FAME fuels including blends of B5, B10 and B20 diesel fuel.

Total also works with a number of different fuel management systems which can help monitor and control your mining fleets performance.


Total Excellium, a new generation fuel 

Total Excellium diesel fuel is a new generation fuel that ‘cleans’ the engine and provides longstanding protection that makes the mining equipment more efficient, more economical and less polluting.

The additised diesel fuel is designed for reducing carbonaceous deposits that can harm the mining engine. Fuel savings are achieved by eliminating carbonaceous deposit formation at the injector nozzle tip as well as reducing internal fouling of the injector. It also enables optimum performance of the combustion process within the engine to be sustained .

Other benefits include improved HSEQ during filling, corrosion protection, improved water separation and reduced foaming during refills which provides time saving during each filling event.

For further information, please follow the link: Total EXCELIUM CONCENTRATE DIESEL.



HFO and LFO for mining

Total also provides Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and Light Fuel Oil (LFO) with either high or low calorific values with the view to identifying the most  cost effective fuel solution to meet the customers mining needs. This includes HFO for low and medium speed power generating gensets and  HFO for industrial applications.

Contact Total experts to optimize both your fuel cost and the performance of your machines on your mine site.

Fuel for Mining


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