Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in contact with a Total representative in my country?

Please complete your details on the "Contact us" page with a brief description of you needs and we will ensure that the appropriate person makes contact with you.

Does Total supply all of grades of lubricants in every country?

Our product range is designed to meet the bulk of our customers' needs in each country. Depending on your requirements or a specific need for a product that we do not currently stock in your country, we can either investigate importing the product for you, or we could recommend an alternative product that meets your needs.

How am I able to extend the drainage intervals in my equipment?

Total works with mining companies and contractors to lower the overall operating cost of their equipment. One method of doing this, is by extending the drain interval of the oil that is in operation in the machine. By working together with the mine on with a specific continuous improvement program, Total is able to provide expertise, advice and ongoing support. This can be done through improvements in both fuel and lubricants on the mining site.

Does Total offer consignment stock on my site?

A Total representative will discuss your operational needs and present you a range of stock management options. Under the correct conditions we can offer our customers consignment stock and other site based services designed to reduce your operating costs.

Does Total offer any fuel-economy solutions?

Yes. Fuel economy can be improved both through the use of TOTAL Excellium fuel and our specialized range of fuel economy lubricants. For more information, please refer to the following website:

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